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Landlords Get Creative With Tax Pass-Throughs

Dec 18, 2018

by Tracy E. Reichmuth, Esq. 

When it comes to pass-through taxes under retail leases, a tenant’s first line of defense is a thoughtfully-drafted lease provision. The next line of defense is to pay close attention to which “taxes” landlords are passing through: some of them may not be taxes at all. Tracy Reichmuth, Esq. covers several examples of some recent creative pass-throughs. read more

NRTA Wishes All a Wonderful Holiday Season!!

Dec 17, 2018


Guardians of Retail - Keynote Excerpt

Dec 6, 2018

Gayle Aertker, Executive Vice President of Store Development for Burlington Stores delivered a timely message at 2018 Expanding Knowledge Conference: one that encompasses retailers and non-retailers alike. read more

NRTA's Evolution - President's Message

Nov 28, 2018

Lisa Krizek, NRTA President

I am here to tell you that your NRTA has kept pace with today's changing real estate management environment.

Look at the curriculum offered at this year's conference. It challenges the status quo and doesn’t accept “the mess we’re in,” which is the translation of the Latin status quo. 

A powerful curriculum was offered at our 23rd conference: 46 classroom presentations. 24 small discussion group sessions. 16 new presentation topics. The level of discussions at our conference was targeted and timely and will usher in the next generation of innovative solutions.

One key example of how the NRTA has evolved is the new company members who have most recently joined our ranks. Listen to their names...they are a diverse and healthy mix of tenants from the retail, insurance, financial, health care, and food service industries:

  • Ziva Law LLLC
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Utility Audit Inc
  • Caliber Collision Centers
  • Wawa
  • The Wendy's Company
  • EC Barton
  • Shoe Carnival
  • Bridgestone
  • People United Bank
  • Spec's Wines, Spirits and Fine foods
  • Leslie's Poolmart
  • Jason's Deli
  • Canadian Tire
  • Dignity Healthcare
  • Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
  • Whirlpool Corporation
  • Torrid LLC
  • Meridian Credit Union
  • LL Bean
  • Envoy Mortgage LTD
  • McDonald's Corporation
  • Hanger, Inc.
  • Jackson Hewitt
  • Kroger

They are part the new face of the NRTA and I want to formally welcome them. These new members understand that tenants who commit to educating themselves to be better, stronger and more efficient will be in a position to tackle lease assets and liabilities and recommend changes that are necessary if a company is to continue to successfully manage its real estate portfolio.

And the 2018 NRTA Founders' Award goes to...

Nov 2, 2018

Kathy Powers-Middlecoop!

The NRTA Founders' Award recognizes association members who have rendered distinguished service to the NRTA, their respective companies or their community. Each year the Founder’s committee reviews the nominations and makes the final determination of who should receive the award.

Kathy has been an NRTA member since 2001. During her tenure, she has presented over a dozen courses, served on the curriculum committee for over a decade, is a member of the membership committee and served on the Board of Governors. Quite an impressive NRTA resume.

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Member Benefits

  • Discount registration fees at NRTA's annual Expanding Knowledge Conference.
  • Subscription to the NRTA newsletter entitled Tenants In-Common.
  • The Professional Library with case experiences and articles which are valuable professional resources.
  • Membership Directory of all Regular and Affiliate members.
  • Opportunity to benchmark and network with industry peers through the NRTA's Facebook page and LinkedIn group.
  • Access to the NRTA website that provides current information on NRTA activities, professional job postings and a "members only" section.
  • A central association office, which serves as an informational resource, that can access industry experts to assist members as they encounter questions and problems that need professional attention.
  • Opportunity to write articles for Tenants In-Common and national trade publications.

Meet Our Sponsors

New Member Companies

The NRTA extends a warm welcome to the following NEW companies who have recently joined the growing ranks of NRTA Membership.

  • Jenny Craig (Regular)
  • Ziva Law LLC (Affiliate)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Regular)
  • Utility Audit Inc (Affiliate)
  • Caliber Collision Centers (Regular)
  • Wawa Inc. (Regular)
  • The Wendy's Company (Regular)
  • EC Barton (Regular)
  • Shoe Carnival, Inc. (Regular)
  • Bridgestone (Regular)
  • Peoples United Bank (Regular)
  • Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods (Regular)
  • Leslie's Poolmart Inc.(Regular)
  • NAI Plotkin (Affiliate)
  • Canadian Tire Real Estate Limited (Regular)
  • Dignity Health (Regular)
  • Meridian Credit Union (Regular)
  • Greenback Recovery (Affiliate)
  • Whirlpool Corporation (Retail)
  • Jason's Deli (Retail)
  • Torrid LLC (Retail)
  • Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Regular)
  • L.L.Bean, Inc (Regular)
  • McDonald's Corporation (Regular)
  • Hanger, Inc. (Regular)
  • Envoy Mortgage LTD (Regular)
  • Marc-Allen Associates, Inc. (Affiliate)
  • Richard Wayne & Roberts (Affiliate)
  • Jackson Hewitt (Regular)
  • Robins Kaplan LLP (Affiliate)
  • Kroger (Regular)