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EBUSINESS STRATEGIES is a business consulting firm providing Corporate Real Estate and Workplace Management (CRE/WM) services.  We help our clients develop and articulate an enterprise-wide workplace strategy, standardize business practices, and select, align and implement technology solutions. EBUSINESS STRATEGIES is assisting its clients in retail, manufacturing, energy, and banking facing the same challenges in addressing a new and different lease management strategy and approach per FASB Topic ASC 842. The building and equipment leases in our client’s portfolios require a new business process to be outlined, adopted, and championed across the organization. We assist our clients in centralizing asset data and leases to support comprehensive understanding from a management and operations perspective. In addition, we partner with clients to improve the data quality of the current documentation in terms of the suitability for the new reporting lease requirements.

Our clients receive value as we help them develop technology roadmaps, streamline their business processes, and implement leading practices - significantly reducing overall operating costs while allowing decision-makers efficient access to the critical data that supports strategic and tactical decisions.  Our approach is unique, our methodology forward thinking, with high levels of buy in and proven ROI.

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